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Welcome to The Forum for Mental Health Issues

Post by Grace on Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:33 am

Welcome to The Forum for Mental Health Issues. You probably came here because it's not going so well. Are you having trouble feeling good lately? Are you feeling dejected and is everything just too much? You are looking for someone who understands and supports you because it feels like no one does, but you do not really know how to express your feelings.

This forum is based on giving recognition and understanding to people with mental health problems, because I know from experience that there is a lot of misunderstanding on this subject. It is my intention to let everyone with mental health problems come together so you can share your story on an anonymous basis. This, to create an environment where people understand eachother, and can feel safe plus secure. A safe space where no one is condemned.

Take the time to put your story on paper and discover that you are not alone. Get to know people who may be in the same situation, become friends with them and support eachother through difficult times. You may find it a little scary to directly place your story on this forum, and that's no problem of course. In that case, take your time to read other stories, and get to know the forum a little more. The main purpose of this forum is to create a community of people who are there for eachother. You are very welcome to become a part of this community.

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