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Terms and conditions

Post by Grace on Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:42 am

To keep The Forum for Mental Health Issues a safe, secure and pleasant environment, it is important to keep to certain rules. It's a sensitive subject and we want to ensure that everyone feels welcome and at home, and feels safe enough to tell his or her story. Therefore it's very appreciated that you read the rules before you open a topic. This is to prevent removal of topics / messages. Thank you very much.

In general: Terms and conditions
● The spoken language in this forum is English. Public conversations and topics, written in a different language are not permitted.
● Topics and messages which contains: Porn, racism, illegal websites or malicious / illegal products are not allowed.
● Disclosure of private messages without the consent of both users is not allowed.
● Messages whose content is deliberately insulting, malicious or irritating against another user of this forum, are not allowed.
● Multiple off-topic responses (not relevant responses) in a topic is not allowed.
● Bumping a topic is permitted after 12 hours of no activity.

Psyche: Terms and conditions
● It is not allowed to post comments on topics whose content is a diagnosis. We are not qualified therapists, and posting a possible misdiagnosis can be very confusing. If you believe to be a licensed therapist and want to have the ability to diagnose someone, please contact a moderator or administrator. If you're a certified therapist, recognizable by the green name, and you want to diagnose someone, you should always ask permission to the person which the diagnosis is meant for.
● Detailed information about injuries of self-harm should not be placed. This may be very upsetting for our members and may act as a trigger for others. We find it sad to see that you are struggling with self-harm, and therefore we are here for you. However, please try to make sure that you do not enter too much detail on injuries.
● Direct announcements of suicide should not be placed. Such messages may be very shocking for other members and anxiety / worry awakening, while we are unable to help you. Do you have acute suicidal thoughts? I would advise you to contact 1-800-273-8255 for the Suicidepreventionlifeline. Stay strong, you are valuable and important.

Thanks for reading the rules and conditions. We wish you much strength, and we like to welcome you to The Forum for Mental Health Issues.



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